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Tips and news

My Top 5 reasons to keep yourself fit with Dance Fitness based classes!

  1. Music you love triggers an emotional response, your brain responds to music by wanting to move to it, it’s an instinctual response to the rhythm, you just can’t stop it! Dance fitness connects your body to your mind. Get connected.
  1. It’s great for your heart and bone health, and can be better than traditional machine based cardiovascular exercises that you would do in the gym. The range of movements are varied and work your body in a whole new way. It can also improve your balance, posture, and the all important core muscles get stronger too.
  1. It’s a great way to get more coordinated and improve your motor skills. Studies have shown that dancing/movements that require coordination can actually reduce the risk of dementia by as much as 76%.
  1. It’s a great mood lifter and can help combat stress or depression. The upbeat music and friendly vibe elevate your mental as well as your physical state.
  1. Last but not least… it’s a great calorie burner. You can burn between 5-10 calories per minute depending on the speed and intensity of your movements. You get out what you put in, the more you move the more you burn.

So in summary… your body just wants to move so let it move to the music you love.


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